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About Us

All our products are manufactured in the UK

Skinny Diva offers a range of high quality sports supplements, all manufactured in our state of the art factory in the UK, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products to ensure they give you an advantage whatever sport or training gaol you have.

Competitive Prices

We buy all our products in bulk and they are manufactured in the UK, we then retail online direct to the public, so we cut out the middle man and give you the most competitive priced, high quality product available.

Great Tasting Products

All our products go through a rigorous testing period for both taste and consistency, this ensures the products you buy will not only work for your chosen goal, but will taste great too.

Great Choice

We offer an extensive range of products, so whether you are bulking up, building lean muscle, losing weight or simply need a boost for you training, we have a product to suit.

Skinny Diva Slimming & Diet

At Skinny Diva all our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art UK facilities and all compounds used to formulate Skinny Diva product range are carefully chosen to help body-builders and athletes achieve their ultimate goals We aim to be at the cutting edge of technology, to help you achieve your physical and nutritional targets, while offering great tasting, quality and value driven products.

Taste The Difference

At Skinny Diva we believe that not only should our product be full of all the quality ingredients needed to reach your training goals, but also they should taste and mix great, with this in mind we are constantly checking all our products, for both taste and consistency, to make sure we deliver a product you can enjoy taking.

Our Mission

Skinny Diva is on a mission, we believe that all slimmers, men and women, need great nutrition, with this in mind we are constantly looking and sourcing new products that are proven to give great results, time and time again.

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